How Does Data Structure Affect SEO?

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How Does Data Structure Affect SEO?

How Does Data Structure Affect SEO?

Posted On: July 9, 2022

Google crawlers have a hard time understanding the content of your web page and unless they understand the content, it won’t be ranked. So how can you make them understand your content? This is when schema markup comes into play. It is the type of metadata added to a website that explains to search engines how to categorise and display your content. When Google clearly understands your content, it can provide users with more accurate information.
So, schema markup is a great strategy that will boost your SEO efficiently but it all depends on how you utilise it. If you are confused about Structured data then continue reading this guide to discover its benefits.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup, structured data, or is an important SEO element that helps search engine crawlers in understanding your website content. It is the semantic vocabulary (also called microdata) of your website. If you add schema markup to your web page HTML then it will become easier for the search engine to identify and index your web page.

Why is Schema Markup Important for SEO?

Is a schema markup a ranking factor or not? Well, the answer is NO! Schema markup is not considered a Google ranking factor but it is still a critical SEO element. Wondering why? Schema markup allows website owners to provide accurate and precise information about their content so that the search engine crawlers can easily analyse and rank your content. Through schema markup, you can provide necessary information to the users just by using random keywords. When the users get the answer to their queries from your website, they will become satisfied and revisit your website which means you will get a higher position in search engine results. After all, the goal of every business is to gain visibility and satisfy users.


Types of Schema Markup 

Understanding the types of schema markup will help you in optimising your strategy effectively so you can rank much higher in Google searches. Following are the common types of schema markup:

Organisation Schema Markup

Organisation schema markup introduces a company such as its name, address, contact information, working hours, etc.

Person Schema Markup

This provides information about a specific person including their name, career, education, profession, or age.

Local Business Schema Markup

This is a very critical aspect for local businesses as it provides information such as working hours, contact, address, and other relevant information about a business. When you add schema markup of your local business it will increase the authority of your website and you will appear in the top search results of the customers in your area.

Product and Offer Schema Markup 

Product schema markup provides information about a product such as its use, price, reviews, and availability.

Breadcrumb Schema Markup

This explains the position of the web page in the site hierarchy so that users can explore the website effectively.

Article Schema Markup

Article schema markup indicates news and updates, case studies and blog posts. It should be published with the authors’ picture and the date of publishing as it indicates authority. This type of schema markup is important for finance, health, medicine, and the news industry.

Video Schema Markup

Video Schema markup assists Google crawlers in identifying the content of videos so they can rank it. It also helps your video to appear in Google search results even if they are from YouTube.

Event Schema Markup

It provides information regarding upcoming events such as webinars, lectures, festivals, etc.

Recipe Schema Markup

Recipe schema markup provides nutritional information, ingredients, cooking time, and images.

Explore the Search Gallery and Rich Results

How to use schema markup for SEO?

Schema for Extensive Rich Snippets

Schema markup represents your website in a better way in search results.  It allows you to add additional personal information, photos, and videos, which appear as a bit snippet in the search engine results pages.

Schema for Improving Organic Clickthrough Rate

Schema mark makes your page more indexable and increases your clickthrough rate. It certainly helps you in gaining an advantage over your competitors.

Schema for boosting SEO effects

Although schema markup is not a factor of ranking it can still make your website appear in the top search results. According to our research, a website can rank food times higher with schema markup.

Schema for Local Businesses

Schema markup is the best way to reach your potential customers. The personal information regarding your business is displayed in the search results which will connect you to the customers in your area.

Schema for Promoting Events

Advertising your event through posters and pamphlets is an old-school method. Today you can do it with schema markup and that too for free. By using the relevant keywords such as ‘Concerts near me’ or ‘medical Conferences near me’.

You can provide the relevant information regarding your event in this schema markup such as when your address, contact details, etc.


SEO in Singapore is constantly evolving with each passing day so you must pay attention to each strategy that will help you in gaining a reasonable edge over your contenders in the market. Schema markup is a great way to gain ranking without spending a hefty amount on expensive advertisements.

Have you been using schema markup for some time but don’t see any difference in your website ranking? Consider hiring professional SEO Services providers. Bthrust SG is a reputable SEO agency, we offer multiple SEO services at affordable rates.

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