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How to Create The Right Meta Description?

How to Create The Right Meta Description?

Posted On: August 28, 2021

Digital marketing is a great way to get your business acknowledged and generate greater revenue. But keep in mind that it is only possible if you follow the right and appropriate SEO strategies.

SEO Marketing Singapore involves so many aspects, which you must follow to get your website ranked. One of these aspects is creating the right meta description for the web page.

In this blog, we will discuss meta description, its importance, and how it plays a role in boosting your Click-through rate.

What is A Meta Description?

The meta description refers to a paragraph of 2-3 lines, which has the purpose of defining the content of the page. In other words, it is defined as a short snippet that is present in the HTML of the webpage.

The ideal place to add meta description is the <head> portion of a website’s HTML.

The meta description is shown right below the meta title, on the search engine results page. When the audience search with a particular keyword and your meta description includes that word then the search engines are most likely to show your page in the results. Meta description also appears when your page is shared by the audience on different platforms.

The meta description is a crucial element for your web page, if used wisely it will drive traffic to your page.

Importance of Meta Description

Meta description plays an important role in boosting organic traffic on your website and click-through rate. Wondering how? If your meta description is optimized, appealing, and summarises your content accurately, it will attract the audience.

Before you start writing your meta description you must keep users in mind i.e., their queries, what answers do they look for, and is your meta description able to answer their query. Your meta description pretty much determines whether the user will click on your web page or not. So, keep your descriptions to the point and user-relevant to attract them when your web page.

According to Google algorithms, a meta description has an indirect role in benefiting your web page and is not a ranking signal! But if your meta description is optimized, it will get more clicks as a result, Google will show it in top search results.

Tips for Writing Meta Descriptions

Are you looking for tips on how to write an optimized meta description for your website? Below we will discuss tips that will help you with your meta descriptions.

Optimal Meta Description Length

According to Google algorithms, the length of a meta description is determined by pixels, and its limit is 920 pixels. Each character has a different pixel so the character limit cannot be stated absolutely. 920 pixels mean 158 characters approximately, so it is wiser to stay within this limit.

On the other hand, if your meta description is too lengthy, it will be truncated by Google.

On average your meta description should be between 140-160 characters that translates to about 30 words, and must provide the required information to the user.

Use A Tool to Visualize Metadata

There are several tools available online which you could use to visualize your meta description, some of them are as follows

  • SEOmofo
  • Zeo
  • SERPsim

Write Compellingly With An Active Voice

The purpose of meta description is to attract an audience so that they click on your page to view the information. So you should write your metadata using active voice as it has a greater chance of user engagement.

Use your Core keywords


Keywords play important role in boosting click-through rates. Try to use the most relevant, and search-based keywords at the start of your meta description because Google bolds those keywords.

Moreover, if you use relevant keywords, it will give Google more idea about the content on your page.

Write About Service or Product Specification

The meta description is important for the image building of your business so ensure to create a good one. Write about the specification of your product or services, you are providing which make you different from the competitors. The description of the service or product should be appealing enough that it convinces the user to open your website.

Moreover, you could also add customer ratings, star ratings, etc., to make it attractive.

Don’t Duplicate

Your meta description should be unique in stuffed with relevant keywords. Never think about copying someone else’s meta description as Google will recognize it immediately and will not show your page in search engine results.

Try to make your meta description as different as possible as it will let Google know that your content is not duplicated. Also, always write a different meta description for each page.

Use your PPC Data to Inform Meta Descriptions

If you are using the strategy of PPC ads to boost your SEO, and it is doing a good job in boosting your click-through rates, then you could use the same act in your meta description.

Relevancy to The Content

It is important to keep in mind that your meta description should be relevant to the information which is present on your page. Since meta description represents a summary of your content so it must be appealing enough.


Another strategy to increase user engagement is by including call-to-action (CTA) in the meta description. It will attract the audience and they will click on your page.

Use of Special Characters

The addition of non-alphanumeric characters or other symbols can be added into the meta description. But ensure to use this sign carefully, as overuse may reflect the unprofessional image of your brand and will lead to a loss in click-through rates.

Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Meta Descriptions

following are the mistakes that you should avoid while writing meta descriptions.

Keyword Stuffing

Adding the relevant keyword in meta descriptions is important but don’t overstuff it as it will get you penalized.

Don’t Copy Meta Description from your Page Content

Meta description acts as a mini-ad of your brand so don’t just go on copying the meta description from the content of your webpage instead take out some time to write it uniquely.

Write Separate Descriptions for Each Page

If you use the same meta description for each web page, that will cause great confusion in search engine results.

Why Google Does Not Display your Meta Description?

Google sometimes does not display your meta descriptions and this happens due to the following reasons.

  • When the meta description you wrote fails to explain or summarise the content of your page.
  • When the search query doesn’t match with the meta description.
  • To match the search query more accurately with the content.

The use of a meta description strategy to attract an audience is crucial, so you must use it appropriately. Your meta description should clearly explain the content of your page stuffed with important keywords.

Final thoughts

When so many results appear in the Google search engine, then your meta description becomes your identity and separates you from your competitors. Still, so many businessmen are unaware of the importance of meta descriptions for on-page SEO.

Do you wish to stand out and attract customers to your page? Start focusing on your meta description. An optimized meta description gives you a chance to stay ahead of your competitors.

Search engine optimization is not always about keeping up with Google algorithms, but it also focuses on creating a user-friendly experience.

Are you struggling with writing your meta description? Bthrust SG, a renowned SEO company is here to help. With the right strategies, we will improve your web page ranking and generate traffic on your website.

We are looking forward to helping you with SEO and online marketing in Singapore. Contact us for more information.

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