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How to improve your SEO campaign in 2022

How to improve your SEO campaign in 2022

Posted On: March 11, 2022

Are you struggling with getting organic traffic with your website? It is probably because you are not updating your SEO strategy according to the current Google trends

Google algorithms change with the change in public opinions, that’s why it is important to keep up with SEO Strategy. In this blog, we will discuss the important points that will help you in improving your SEO Campaign in 2022.

Target accurate keywords

Choosing the right keywords for your website is essential as it will determine your ranking and sales rate. So how do you find out which keywords will work the best for your business in driving organic traffic? Is there any rocket science behind it? Let’s discuss how you can find the most effective keywords for online marketing.

Analyse search intent

To identify the effective keywords, you must think like your customer and analyze what people search.

Search engine queries of users are of three types i.e., Navigation, informational, and commercial. So, if you want to appear in the top search results then your content should cover all three aspects.

Finding the right keywords for ranking is a tricky job so it is better to go for hiring an SEO service that will find the perfect keywords relevant to your business.

Understand keyword types

Before you start your keyword research, you must know the types of keywords. Following under three main types of keywords

Head keywords – having one or two words

Body keyboards – Having two to three words

Long-term keywords – Having three to four words or more.

Ranking for head keywords is the most difficult task as Google will show millions of results for it. That’s why you should focus more on targeting long-term keywords as it will give you better results.

Keyword tools

Wondering where to start your keyword research from? Google keyword planner is a free tool and works as the best tool for keyword research. It will give you a complete insight into a keyword such as traffic counts, competition, etc. Moreover, it will give alternative keyword suggestions.

Look for the competition

Always look for the best-performing pages of your competitors and find out the keywords they are ranked for. You can use tools such as SEMRush to find out about the traffic on your competitors’ pages.

With all the crucial information about your competitors, you can plan a quality SEO strategy.

Keywords and matching media

It is important that you use the keywords in your content wisely otherwise all your hard work will be for nothing. Overstuffing of keywords may make you look spammy. So always try to provide insightful and unique information by adding the right keywords phrases.

Create longer, better content

When we talk about SEO content, It’s the quality that matters not the quantity. If you want to increase your sales rate, the only way to do so is by using SEO content effectively. Here is how you can improve the quality of content your content to drive users’ attention.

Upload original informative, and relevant content

Make sure that the information you are providing on your website is relevant and unique. Organize your information and write it in order so that it makes sense. Don’t forget to add effective keywords to your content. Always create content of your own as it is vital for SEO.

Focus on the reader

Your audience will determine the fate of your business so always write content by keeping in mind your audience. You must know everything about your audience, the keywords they are using, and the information they are seeking.

Note that the more informative content you are writing, the more likely you are to be ranked.

Optimise links

Linking your content is important for SEO, and it can be of two types.

External linking – the content is linked to an external source, it indicates authoritativeness.

Internal linking – The content is linked to your company’s website.

Track your website traffic

Website traffic is of two types:

Organic search – These are the searches that closely match users’ search queries and appeared in the top results due to SEO.

Paid search – You pay to appear in the top search results to gain traffic.

If you are working on gaining organic traffic then a single SEO strategy won’t be enough instead you need to work on multiple strategies at a time. The common challenges faced in SEO traffic are continuously changing Google algorithms, market trends, and results of search engine pages. SEO company in Singapore identify all the challenges and comes up with strategies to overcome them.

You can use various tools to monitor you’re your website traffic. Search tools collect SEO data, provide traffic metrics, Web performance metrics, and much more. Some of the commonly used tools are Google Analytics, Alexa, and Moz.

Start SEO off-page

Off-page SEO refers to the activities that are taking place at the back end of your website and increases authoritativeness and visibility of your website by 50%. You can improve your off-page SEO by following tactics.

Creating high-quality backlinks

Getting high-quality backlinks is crucial for every website as Google uses this factor for ranking. For instance, if your website has a higher number of quality backlinks it is more likely to be ranked.

When you upload useful and informative content, the audience will end up sharing it. In this case, you will get backlinks without taking any action. You can create backlinks through various marketing strategies or self-promotion.

Social media marketing

Social media platforms work best for increasing brand acknowledgment and boosting the reach of your content. So, make sure to stay active and your social media profiles, maintain a positive image and engage with your audience.

Guest content

Providing other websites with guest content is another strategy for capturing a user’s attention. Try to reach out to the websites having an audience similar to yours, this will help in creating brand awareness and increase your chances of getting organic traffic.

If you need help with off-page SEO, you can look for affordable SEO services to help you through it.

Set up a Google My Business profile

Google provides all the businesses with Google My Business (GMB) tool so that they can efficiently work on their online presence. Google My Business is a free tool that increases the local exposure and value of your brand. Whether you have a new or already established business, here is what you should do to make a Google My Business profile.

Step 1: GMB listing

The first step is to create Google My Business listing by providing the basic information About your business Such as business name, category, contact number, address, etc. If you have an established business, you might already have a GMB listing and you can use Google’s in-platform My Business to locate it.

Step 2: Verification of Google My Business listing

Google will send you an email with a code for verification of your business and it may take up to a week. The verification is important to full visibility of your business in Google searches. You will not appear in the searches unless your business is verified.

Step 3: Publishing of your Google My Business listing

Make sure that your listing is optimized, and you are using all the latest features to make the most out of GMB. You can optimize your listing by providing complete information about your business, including keyboards, putting accurate business hours, adding photos, customer reviews, and much more.

The information you provide in the GMB listing will appear in Google search results and maps. Note that your business will only appear in relevant searches of the particular area.


Getting organic traffic is a challenging task but why worry when SEO services providers have got you covered? BThrust SG is the best SEO company that will help you in achieving your goals with the right tactics.

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