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How to Optimise Your Website in 2022

If you want to gain online visibility, brand acknowledgement, and boost your revenue then you must know how to optimise your website according to Google’s algorithm. Do you want to find out about the latest SEO trends? In this article, we will discuss Some of the best strategies that will help you in maintaining your rankings.

Technical SEO Checklist

Understanding technical SEO is essential if you want to make it to the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). Google has provided a list of algorithms that must be followed to gain ranking and some people refer to this list as a technical SEO checklist. Let’s discuss some of the important factors That will help your website in maintaining a strong ranking.

Create Quality Content

Quality content is a major element that will help you in gaining website ranking. When you upload unique and informative content stuffed with the relevant keywords, Google will increase your visibility in top search results leading to increased organic traffic to your website.

While creating content your main focus should be your target audience. Always mention clearly about your services or products, so your audience can have a better idea. For instance, if you are selling water filters online then you should write articles about the type of filters available in the market, technology differences in each filter type, or how to clean your filters. By uploading such blogs, you can keep your audience engaged.

Look for primary and secondary keywords relevant to your website and upload optimised content to attract your audience. You can add primary keywords in the meta title, matter description, and URL to make it easier for search engine crawlers to understand your content. Whereas, secondary keywords can be used in the content. You can also gain users’ attention by using call-to-action words in your content. 

If you find it hard to manage content on your website you can consider hiring SEO Services in Singapore

301 Redirect

Optimise All Image

It is extremely crucial to upload optimised images on your website otherwise it will impact your page speed. Image optimization means compressing your images as much as possible without compromising the quality. If you want to optimise your images, you can use online tools such as TinyPNG.

Apart from taking care of image size, always keep in mind to use the keywords relevant to your image’s context so search engines can understand your content.

Build a User-Friendly Site

A user-friendly website is all about making it easy to use the website so that the users can quickly get to the information they are searching for. The more user-friendly your website is, the more customers will engage with your site. Here is how you can make your website user friendly: 

  •  Mobile-friendliness
  •  Improving page speed
  •  Simple and easy to use website design
  •  Informative and unique content

Page Speed

Page loading speed is an extremely crucial factor of technical SEO. On average, your website should not take longer than three seconds to load otherwise it will increase your bounce rate. Moreover, Google also considers page loading speed as a ranking factor. 

Many factors could affect your page speed such as Web page design, the weight of elements uploaded on the page, hosting server, etc. Here is how you can improve your page speed: 

  •  Use high-performance web servers
  •  Upload optimised images on your website
  •  Reduce the number of HTTP requests
  •  Get rid of old images in your media library
  •  Minimise redirects

Before you start working on improving your page speed, run an assessment by using online tools to find out about the page speed. 


A secure socket layer or SSL is an encrypted link between a web browser and a server. E-commerce businesses must add SSL certificates to their website to ensure the safety of customer personal information, login functions, and online transactions.

Following are some of the ways to improve your SSL: 

  •  Purchase an appropriate SSL certificate for your website
  •  Purchase SSL certificates from reputable authorities
  •  Ensure the validity of your SSL certificate
  •  Keep your private keys safe
  •  Implement strict HTTP security
  •  Configure your server properly

XML Sitemap

An extensive markup language or XML sitemap is the specific tags or codes which define the written text in any digital document. They list all your web pages so they can be discovered by Google crawlers. 

XML sitemaps are the guiding compass of your website which also updates Google crawlers whenever you upload new content so your website can be indexed for it. 

Here is how you get an improved XML sitemap of your website: 

  •  Keep your site map simple and small
  •  Create dynamic XML sitemaps as your website increases in size
  •  Always index your high-quality pages first through the site map
  •  Generate a site map using the appropriate tools
  •  Run a test of your sitemap to find the errors

Structured Data

Structured data is defined as standardised data that explains to Google About the information found on your website. 

You can improve your structure data by: 

  •  Using proper and simple website structure
  •  Using headings on your website and blog posts
  •  Always add a link to relevant pages
  •  Make and assign relevant categories
  •  Always use one category per blog
  •  Create an XML sitemap
  •  Optimise your website for both Google and the target audience
  •  Keep things understandable

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO audit refers to the practices which are done to optimise a website to gain ranking. You must conduct a technical SEO audit of your website to identify any errors that are preventing you from getting ranked. 

Working on SEO tactics requires expertise and knowledge as Google is constantly updating its criteria for ranking. To keep up with the ever-changing algorithms of Google and to get a technical audit of your website, you must consider hiring online marketing Singapore companies. 


Above we have discussed some of the most important factors of what technical SEO entails. If you want to get your website indexed, then you must follow these basic SEO Singapore strategies. Need help with the technical SEO of your website? Bthrust SG offers the best SEO services in Singapore. Our digital marketing agency Singapore highly skilled and experienced staff will help your business at every step in the digital world. Contact us now so we can review your website, give a detailed technical SEO report, and plan tactics accordingly to help you in reaching your goal.