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How to Optimize Website Crawl Budget

How to Optimize Website Crawl Budget

Posted On: December 9, 2021

Google states that ‘Crawling is a way of getting entry into Google search results.’ But what does it mean?

When you post an article on your website, Google will not necessarily rank your page until it is crawled by Google. Most of the pages are not crawled by Google due to which they fail to rank so optimizing crawl budget is important for your website’s growth.

In this article, we will discuss what is a crawl budget and how you can optimize it in the best way for online marketing Singapore.

What is the Crawl Budget?

Crawl budget is defined as the number of pages Google will crawl on your website within a specific time. The number of pages Google crawls each day may vary from 6 pages to 6000 pages per day. The crawl budget is dependent upon the health of your website, the size of your website, and other links to your website.

Crawl budget has a direct relation with page authority which means if you want to increase your crawl budget you must increase your website authority.

Why the Crawl Budget is So Important?

The crawl budget is important for ranking on search engine results as it ensures that the new content you posted on your pages is identified and indexed quickly by Google.

If the number of web pages is greater than your crawl budget it means that you will have a greater number of pages that are not indexed. So, if you want to get your web pages to be found by crawler bots/spiders, you must start focusing on optimizing your crawl budget.

When is Crawl Budget an Issue?

The crawl budget is not an issue as long as Google crawls thousands of URLs on your site per day or has added them to the to-do list. But when your crawl rate is low then it becomes an issue. For instance, if you have 350,000 web pages and Google crawls through 3500 web pages each day then it will take days before Google notices any changes on your page.

What is the Crawl Budget for My Website?

Keeping an eye on the crawl budget of your website is essential as it gives you an idea about your ranking.

Here is how you can determine the crawl widget for your website.

– Start by checking the number of web pages you have on your website and the URLs in your XML sitemap.

– The next step is to go into the Google search console.

– Open ‘settings’ go to ‘crawl stats’ ignore the average number of pages that are crawled each day.

– Now divide the total number of pages of your site by the average page crowd per day

– If the number you get after dividing is greater than 10, then you should optimize your crawl budget. Because It means that you have 10 times more pages than what Google crawled through each day.

If you need help with your crawling optimization you can consult an SEO company in Singapore, they have professionals who will guide you on how to improve your crawling.

How Does a Crawler Work?

The crawler bots work by jumping from link to link in search of new content or web pages, And when they find on your content or page they copy the site’s information for indexing. This information is later on processed by Google’s algorithm. The spiders/crawler bots are very crucial for websites owners as it helps them in getting their website ranked.

Crawl Budget in Google Search Console and Server Logs

If you want to find out which URLs Google is crawling on your website then you must check your site’s server logs. Log files are important as they tell you about the errors in your website, and if you wish to boost your crawl budget then you must fix them.

Not all type of hosting allows you to grab your server log files, but if you need it to work on your crawl budget optimization then you should think about changing the hosts.

How to Optimize Your Crawl Budget Today

If you are looking for ways to optimize the crawl budget of your website, then you must start by improving the health of your website. Following are some of the ways by which you can optimize your crawl budget.

Reduce Redirect Chains

Reducing redirect chains is a very challenging task in the case of large websites. The greater the number of redirect chains, the greater the damage is. So, to maintain the health of your website you must avoid even a single redirect chain on your domain. Because multiple chains together will Negatively impact your crawl limit search that the crawler bot might stop indexing your page.

Update Sitemap

Take care of your XML site map and use canonical URLs. The URLs must respond to the latest version of robots.txt.

It will help crawler bots in having a better understanding of internal links lead.

Proper Use of Robots.txt

Proper management of robots.txt Is important you can either do it by hand or by using an auditor tool. The use of tools to add robots.txt makes the whole process much convenient and quick, especially for larger sites that require frequent calibrations.

Website Maintenance: Reduce HTTP Errors

If you have HTTP errors then they will eat your crawl budget, so it is extremely crucial to fix your 4xx and 5xx status codes.

Using tools for auditing your website and for minimizing errors is the best option.

Limit Duplicate Content

If you have duplicate content then the Googlebot may decide that it’s not worth it to look at the rest of your website. So, it is important to eliminate that duplicate content to keep the focus of crawling on unique content.

Improve Site Speed

Working on your page loading and site speed is also important because if the server responds to requests quickly, the crawler will be able to crawl more pages on your site.

The Google crawlers will only crawl through your site if you maintain speed and provide high-quality content at the same time.

Focus on Getting more links

If your website is facing a problem with the crawl budget then you should start by fixing your crawl errors, and getting more links for your site. Link building is a slow process but if you get more links, it will represent that you have a good social engagement. Link building must be a part of your strategy if you are planning to build a larger website.

Mind URL Parameters

If you have different URLs to access the pages with similar content, Google will consider it has duplicated version. So, taking care of your parameters is important otherwise it will lead to wasting of crawl budget. Keep in mind that if you have separate URLs they will be counted as separate pages, so avoid creating multiple URLs for a single page and save your crawl budget.

Final Thoughts

Crawl budget is one of the most important factors for online marketing Singapore. So, start working on optimizing your crawl budget already to get your website ranked.

Are you struggling with your crawl budget? Get in touch with BThrust SG SEO Company today to know about the technical SEO of your site.

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