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    Effective SEO Keyword Research

    In the world of search engine algorithms, keywords are very important. Users utilize numerous words and phrases to get around the search engine. This is why it is crucial that your content is optimized with similar keywords. So when customers do a particular search, your site can land up on their search engine result page.

    Reach More Audience

    Allow the search engine algorithms to crawl your site and mark it as relevant in accordance with the search query

    Unlock More Visibility

    Bring your website to the top of the search engine result pages by using relevant keywords and phrases


    Get Your Business Moving With Right Keyword Targeting

    Competitive keyword research is crucial for all SEO campaigns. Without experienced keyword research, you can get the visibility you desire on the search engines. But with our keyword research and analysis, you don’t have to worry about anything.

    • Identifying the most relevant keywords

      We conduct effective keyword research to identify what your target audience is searchingfor. In doing so, we can find the relevant words and phrases that should be part of your SEO, as well as PPC campaigns.

    • Performing Competitor Analysis

      To ensure you are on the right track, we identify what your competitors are doing and which keywords they are using. This allows us to create unique marketing campaigns.

    • Searching for comparison keywords

      By comparing various keywords and phrases, we can list down the most effective keywords specific to your brand and its marketing campaigns.

    Improve your organic ranking with keyword research

    Keyword research is more than just searching for the right words. At BThrust, we create a full-fletch keyword search campaign to help your business gain visibility.

    Keyword Funneling

    Our funnel approach allows us to group all sets of words and phrases that are associated with your buyer’s journey. After all, every keyword entered in the search bar has a specific purpose. Our approach allows us to find keywords that are important to your audience.

    Keyword Mapping

    We determine what keywords are the best for targeting across different pages on different sites and content. This allows us to evaluate the intention of the customers while navigating through other pages.

    Keyword Tracking

    Our keyword tracking services allow us to identify the value of the keywords. We can also adjust the strategy as required while optimizing how your content appears in the search engine.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Our keyword research techniques will allow you to optimize the entire face of your marketing campaign.

    Improved Results

    Effective campaign results and increased conversion rates guaranteed

    Enhanced Online Presence

    Creating an online presence with improved credibility and trust


    How Is Your Current Marketing Campaign?

    Get A Free Analysis Of Your Brand’s Performance

    We can evaluate how your brand is performing against competitors and industry trends.


      Keyword Research FAQs

      • What is keyword research?

        Keyword research is basically a process of finding the list of relevant words and phrases that your targeted audience uses in the search engines related to your product and services. After discovering these words, you can incorporate them in your content to optimize your website for search engines.

      • Are keywords significant?

        Keywords are those appropriate words and phrases that your audience uses. So, when you use these relevant words within your content, it enhances the chances of Google finding your site more useful.

      • Does keyword research help in boosting businesses?

        Keyword research helps you analyse your competitors' business and understand the tactics that helped them rank high in the search engines. So, you can also improve your website’s content and serve your customers in a better way.

      • How do I search for keywords?

        You can find various free and paid tools for thorough keyword research. Some of the best keyword research tools are Google Trends, SEMrush, Google Suggest tool, and Moz PRO. You can look into their features and find the right tool for yourself.

      • How much does it cost?

        The prices for keyword research vary with businesses. It depends on the work required for your site, and a professional can help you with it.


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