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    Almost everyone is now on social media. From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Snapchat, people use social media to interact with others, find new businesses, and search for products regularly. This makes it ever so crucial for companies to capitalize on social media. At BThrust, we bring you the opportunity to establish your name across the social media platforms and interact with your potential customers. With our bulletproof campaigns, you can get the best ROI across any platform.

    Supercharging your business with the best strategies

    Our result-orientated approach is what you need

    The usage of social media is increasing across the world. Using these platforms, businesses can also generate more profit and improve their brand’s image in front of the audience.

    Instagram marketing

    Promoting your brand on the gram in an effective manner

    Facebook Ads

    Engaging the audience to promote your products and services

    YouTube advertising

    Reaching more audience by creating a more robust customer engagement

    LinkedIn Ads

    Reinforcing your brand’s image across professional networks


    Get 200% More Leads With Our Social Media Marketing Campaigns

    Why BThrust?

    An engagement-based SMM Agency in Singapore

    Users on social media follow at least one business. On the other hand, advertisements manage to attract the attention of potential customers and provoke them to learn more about your business. At BThrust, we combine your vision with our skills to deliver brand-changing SMM strategies.

    Professional Marketers

    Soaring social media engagement with the help of the industry’s best talent

    24/7 Customer Support

    Answering all of your questions at any time for your convenience

    Affordable Solutions

    Super affordable SMM solutions catered according to your budgetary requirements


    Social Media Marketing That Your Company Needs

    Real-time analytics


    Without leveraging the hard data, you cannot strategize your operations. You cannot know what works for you and what doesn’t. Accordingly, our real-time analytics are here to support your business in making data-driven decisions and deciding what is best for your brand.

    Generate more leads with result-driven campaigns

    Increase returns on investment and generate more sales

    Lead Generation


    When customers click on an advertisement, they expect certain propositions. Without them, the customer won’t take a second to click on a different advertisement. This is why we bring you the chance to improvise your marketing campaigns, so you can collect direct lead more effectively.

    Move beyond simple brand awareness and engagement

    Do more with your social media marketing campaigns

    Video Marketing


    People love videos, that’s for sure; But how can you bring your videos up and ensure your customers are also watching them? Our talented team can develop an effective video content strategy to target your customers, increase their loyalty, and bring more conversions

    Video marketing done in the right way

    Optimized strategies to get more ROI

    Conversion Optimization

    Conversion Optimization

    Don’t let your social media pages sit idle. Social media marketing is the ultimate lead generation channel if used correctly. Together we can turn your social presence into a huge success story. With creative social media campaigns, BThrust brings out sky-rocketing leads that guarantee conversion.

    Marketing goals that infuse customer interaction with clicks

    Turning potential visitors into buyers through social interactions

    Competitor Analysis


    Since almost everyone is online these days, there is no better platform to measure competitor analysis than social media. We bring you the chance to evaluate your competitor’s performance from different data points and angles. Doing so will allow you to optimize your social media strategy.

    Benchmark your growth against the competitors

    Forget the tedious and messy manual research

    Performance Tracking


    We know what it takes to track and measure social media metrics for improved performance. Our social media performance report can break down metrics associated with each post and get a better understanding of your campaign.

    Understand how well your campaign is performing

    Collect data metrics that matter to your brand

    Analysis Image
    How Is Your Current SMM Strategy?

    Get A Free Analysis Of Your Brand’s Performance

    We can evaluate how your brand is performing against competitors and industry trends.

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      Social Media Marketing FAQs

      • What is social media marketing?

        Social media marketing is a marketing strategy utilised by digital marketers to market your product or services through social media platforms. It encompasses all the social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and many more.

      • Why do I need social media for my business?

        Social media is not just a way to interact with your friends and get social. It has developed over the years and has become a way to reach the masses with a single post. It helps in gaining visibility and create brand awareness among people.

      • Would my business benefit from social media marketing?

        Most definitely, yes! Social media marketing has been helping businesses in gaining exposure and creating an online presence. It accesses customers and prospective clients and generates a means for communicating and building relationships.

      • How do I know social media marketing is boosting my business?

        The parameters for judging the success of your business are more or less similar to other marketing activities; that is, you create more leads, gain customers, and get traffic on your site. It is determined by counting how many people were driven to your site, how many of them were leads, and converted into customers.

      • Which social media platform should I use?

        General advice would be to create a presence on all the common and widely used platforms. However, each social media platform caters to different audiences. So, it depends on your brand, products, and services and the goals you want to achieve for your business.


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